Archive for Welcome to Albury/Wodonga BaBs, Birthing and Babies Support Group.BaBs is a new program of the Maternity Coalition. We offer discussion, information, education and support for people across Australia regarding the issues of pregnancy, birth and parentho

What's Been
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20th November - Babywearing talk
18th December: Christmas breakup Botanic Gardens
20th November: Baby Wearing - Lead by Jaclyn Hope.
4th Dec: Birth Support People. Roles, Responsibilities
6th November: Gentle Discipline : Our journey - Led by Meg
*Special Real Nappy Week Event* 30th October: Fitted Nappy M
23rd October: Normal Birth and How to Get One - Lead by Wend
9th Oct: Co-sleeping. Safe and Normal - Introduced by Donna
25th September: Induction. When? Why? How? Alternatives - Le
11th September: Child Led Solids - Dvd. Led by Sharon Green
List 2008
28th August: Birthstories - Peer led discussion.
25th September: Induction. When? Why? How? Alternatives
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